Monday, November 12, 2007

[030] Kid A

Album: Kid A
Artist: Radiohead
Release Date: October 2000
Label: Parlophone [UK], Capitol [US]
Producers: Nigel Godrich & Radiohead

"The moment's already passed, yeah it's gone
And I'm not here, this isn't happening"
- from "How To Disappear Completely"

***************Transmission from the 30th Century***************
Kid A Kid A come in Mr. Martenot Kid A...gimmegimme Everything gobsmack everything. everything. in its right place. 001000011110011rippling across time, bounceback into yesterDay. "a proper nice one." whyNow? stop yelling at me! close the door behind you, were you raised in a spaceship? seal the envelope. TURN DOWn the world, turn up tHE RADIO. nothing (t)here/R/two colours// :n my he@d. What you tried to say. You were saying? Say what you tried to. suckin gon ale monev eryth ingeverythi ng .lemon. that circuit better keep its mouth shut. ten into four. ten into four. ten into four. ten into four. take it up - Father Sour. ShouldCouldaWoulda. This is Kaoss's Pad - it is sharp. tweak tweak. eeevvveeerrryyyttthhhiiiinnggg. GO TO SLEEP. that was A horrible Segue. Slipping slipping slipping away; welcome 2 my world now. Kosovo vacation resort and spa. Attack. Decay. Sustain. Release. chop it All down. watch it Fall. Timbre! In the shadows. Boogeyman. You still believe in the boogeyman attheendofmybed-
let Bob come play with Vladimir. Let Jonny*glItch*Warp. Jonny's got heaDs on sticks. Jonny plays Maestro. Jonny talks to Olivier's ghost. Phillip likes home for third eye cleanings... Thomas plays pied piper. says 'Dont Lie On Me' COME ON KIDZ the forRest is safe 4 yUo Now. swEEp the fuZZ away [[[COME IN, BIG CHEESE]]] physicalviolence now illegal is 36 nationstates>>>repos/rts from the Global front: OH:SHIT: -profanity is the sign of a weak brain- BACK THE FUCK OFF so near every1 is so near. Keep it away Martenot, Ondes Martenot< Honk $500 fine traffic traffic traffic ciffart ciffart ciffart dont [block] the [cubOXe] holds on holding penalty=brickwall punishment new can new can ;Mingusrific; stand @ atTENtion, tune in tune in; hold on? *****Transmission***** the digital wind is frozen *****BREAK*****

***************Transmission regained***************
I cant tell you my favorite book cuz then youll know what Im planning... itsnotme itsnotme ...pseudocide is the way of the 31st Century...there there ou tofm yway, Doug; phase now phase forever; Liffey carry me away. St, John lifts yu about the static ocsillate oscillate recalibrate modulate - is that a guitar ive never seen 1ne of those - the warmthlight of the strobeNblownWoofer // down the slide slide with me let them explode Around me bLow me away Karry me AWAY...
#j# 2 && 8..a./^?((ne||))!in alittle while ILL be gone<<<~~paSSerby%%........@zdf
Still in my world still dreaming Ondes Martenot cannot wake you up <<<>>> listen2ScoTTwalking Scottsays 'On your own again' and Krzysztof agrees; dontlisten2Michael dontlisten2Michael Michaelsays "Pull the shutters down and keep saying, 'I'm not here, this is not happening'" [[STOP]] This is how we want to be remembered. This is us at our most beautiful.[[START]] Let Ed loose>he gets 10 minutes. 3 fingers to... glide... **on the sufrace of the moon, vegetables are...** document. rearrange. paste. David/Brian/Richard would be EWFHIW TY80 proud. ringthealarm. DONE. extend it. Christopher 'members it, but only for a SHORT while. D-zone watching wehre u step get Georgie off mY shoulder stop peaking. bet beat yourself inthehhhhea fd. buzzzzzjjjcannt stop. whichismy favorite dish/""/"the best you can is good enough" she says stuttErstutterstutterstep Dead. reborn> pulling the string sag ain __calm down__ the march is on? Frenxy, into the light. the bears are hunting us all, amok. dont Bother me dude...DEFAULT 10... drop the curtain=dropthe logo=drop the payload. deLicious foDder. back to the ooze snapcracklePOP!! welcome to Habeas Corpses - hope you despise your get2work. is taht a fooTPrint?? I though tthey were extinct. put dwn the gun Phil. *****Transmission***** oh snap this is my muthafunkn jo int *****BREAK*****

***************Transmission weak|||still broadcasting***************
Martenot has left you alone, lost @ sea lost @ sea lost @ Limbo point disintegrating morsecode .. -. .-.. .. -- -... --- He wont be back, spiral down spiral down. Illiterate message incomprehensible message I never learned to read! eighteen into eight, twelve into 8, congratulations on the birth of your triplets, CHOPCHOP 16 16 16 16 CHOPCHOP, 3 over 4 you know, swaying like the sea. disappear again thru the trapdoor, hid eme. Heere i go - fantasy world - mmmmthat fell good., is this what Dante saw. down yto the bunker bunker 570P 7H3 N0153 banging in my head uh uh uh uh uh uh what what rough around the EdGe \I can C my breath/ put the silverware down..After u, Canadians..excess excess excess chirp chirp chirp u avent seen enugh....heeeeerrreee I AM ALLOWED??I AM ALIVE -Joe said it. sun z00ming N. ice age coming- still here, really happening? bothsides|sedishtob who goes there. bears reapinggg. BURST,,, women & children first. Intergrate 8000. this one is for the children the children will get it tomorrow. b4 the ice gets here. in the fire, scaREMonger still dreaming Paul sezTchock. Thanks. take the $$$$$$$$$$ RUN. The first. Kid A. screaming you can shake me all you want. I like these craftworks.this time it is five.five five stop knocking, ring the bell. sulphr warm and free. Rele@se {noodle} cheeky bastard round and round what about what I want? I want to wake up. SHARE. nonononononono walking away drill this [cut the kids in half] keep the curtain closed - love your vvaaccuumm; sit on the bump+++you never listened you never understand+++ switch on switch off11100 54: Don't think I didnt notice, running backwards days of creeps and losers//red wines and sleeping pills>> cheap sex and sad films<< load up the floatin gmachi ne delayed. lying again, feeding us trash. genCHILDren misidentified, missing @ birth, limbs useless, helpless angels. Walt? U left a _____ at the heart of an era that none knew. clik clik clik I think I'm crazy too. take me home, Glissandi. take me back. Cut along the dotted lines, sleep foRever, back through the ether. good nigHt. I'm not scared. Kid A out.
***************Transmission interrupted***************

What does it mean??
By the time we've deciphered all of the Kid A transmission, the world might have caught up. Any Questions. Any at all.
Those are some sharp goggles ya got there.....

01. "Everything In Its Right Place"
02. "Kid A"
03. "The National Anthem"
04. "How To Disappear Completely"
05. "Treefingers"
06. "Optimistic"
07. "In Limbo"
08. "Idioteque"
09. "Morning Bell"
10. "Motion Picture Soundtrack"

"Everything In Its Right Place" [live in Paris, 2001]

"The National Anthem" [live on Later with Jools Holland, 09.01]

"How To Disappear Completely" [live in Paris, 2001]

"Idioteque" [live in Paris, 2001]

- BONUS: "Everything In Its Right Place" [live at the 2003 Glastonbury Festival]
- BONUS: "Kid A" [live in France, 2003]
- BONUS: "The National Anthem" [live in Paris, 2001]
- BONUS: "How To Disappear Completely" [live in Dublin, 2001]
- BONUS: "Treefingers" [audio/fan video]
- BONUS: "Optimistic" [excerpt, "Fighting Men" promo blip]
- BONUS: "Optimistic" [excerpt, "Optimistic" promo blip]
- BONUS: "In Limbo" [live in Paris, 2001]
- BONUS: "Idioteque" [alternate version - video]
- BONUS: "Idioteque" [live on Later with Jools Holland, 09.01]
- BONUS: "Morning Bell" [live in Paris, 2001]
- BONUS: "Morning Bell" [live on Later with Jools Holland, 09.01]
- BONUS: "Motion Picture Soundtrack" [live in Paris, 2001]

- SUPER MEGA MEGA BONUS: Full 60-minute Paris concert, 2001
The entire set that I pulled a lot of the above videos from. 13 tracks, exclusively from Kid A and its sister album, Amnesiac, recorded live for TV.

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