Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Headphones: The Raconteurs'
Consolers Of The Lonely

Look, this isn’t a bad album. It’s really not. But I also can’t recommend it to you. I should like this, but it’s been too many long years of hearing countless bands and albums that sound like this. I know my Hendrix Experience and Zeppelin backwards and forwards because they were special, like truly, to the core, on some other shit, but it’s all downhill from there. I have stacks of CDs like this one that collect dust, admittedly good even great, from Derek & The Dominos to Rod Stewart & The Faces to Machine Head to two handfuls of AC/DC to On The Beach or Rust Never Sleeps to most of Tom Petty or The Black Crowes or the Dazed and Confused soundtrack to anything Pearl Jam’s done after Yield. It’s Classic Rock. There’s not much else to say after that. The single which I posted the video for last week is good, and likewise any other song that has a tasty riff and a brisk pace sticks out as more fun, good for a BBQ soundtrack. Beyond that, it’s unfortunately forgettable.

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