Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Overpriced Popcorn: Cloverfield

[NOTE] "Overpriced Popcorn" is simply me giving my theatrical movie reviews a categorical title, like my album reviews are under the heading "Headphones". I'm doing this to set them apart from the "Netflix Diary", though the format will be basically the same.

I guess I should’ve reviewed this earlier seeing as my one overwhelming point is now kind of moot: if you ever want to see this film, you should probably see it on the big screen. On DVD, this film will most likely not work at all, unless you have the biggest HD flatscreen and the best in surround sound. My friend Tom has a TV like that, but his apartment is over his landlord's elementary-age kid's bedroom, so no dice on cranking up the volume. Being immersed in Cloverfield's alternate reality is essential to giving it its fair shake. The monsters are cool and pleasantly different than all the internet speculation; the smaller creatures in the subway reminded me of the "bugs" in Starship Troopers. The acting is...well tolerable at best - at the very least, it’s up to Lonelygirl15 standards. As a bonus, the soundtrack at the party is pretty good. Oh yeah, and it’s better than Blair Witch too, cuz at least you see the monster(s).

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