Friday, March 28, 2008

South Park: Help Yourself

I never understand when people say that the first two seasons of South Park are the best. This is completely nuts, making obvious that most people didn't stick around through some of the rough times to make it to the glorious present. There's no doubt that since the show regained its swagger with Season Six (and the classic Lord of the Rings episode), it's been pretty much all genius - Season Eight, the show's best, remains one of the greatest television seasons of my lifetime. They've just now begun their 12th season with Cartman giving Kyle AIDS, a headless Britney Spears on the run from the whole world, and this week, a tribute to the 1981 animated film Heavy Metal, crammed with commentary on anti-drug campaigns, Anne Frank, and Elliot Spitzer.

But that's not even the biggest news. That would be the relaunch of their official website, which now features "free, streaming, full-length episodes and clips from the entire 12 seasons of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning animated series". The show's creators, Trey Parker and Matt Stone, were their usual selves: "When asked about the launch of the new site, Stone and Parker said, 'We got really sick of having to download our own show illegally all the time so we gave ourselves a legal alternative.'" If you've lost track of the show over the years, now is the time to see what you've been missing.

Enjoy this clip of Ms. Spears in the recording studio...

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