Sunday, March 2, 2008

Breaking Radio Silence

I've been kinda quiet in the Oh Ate, so I thought I'd do a brief catch-you-up...
- Be on the lookout for a new section: my Netflix diary. I realized that I see tons of movies (maybe 150-200 a year) and never write reviews for them, SO I will now be writing reviews for every movie I see no matter how short they are. The ones I see in the theater will be seperate from the Netflix diary - now that I've joined Netflix, I'm getting to catch up on some classics as well as see some crap that I'd never pay 10 bucks for. These reviews will start immediately.

- As I noted last year, I don't like to do my Best of the Year lists at Xmas/New Year's like everyone else. I like to get some distance on my opinions, as well as check out a few notable things that I might have missed. You will probably see the Best Films before the Best Music, but they both will come eventually.

- NOTE: There will NOT be a Best Television in '07 list, because TV mostly sucked my ass, illustrated by the sagging quality of good shows and the depressing Writers' Strike. Basically, you should be watching Lost and The Wire, as they are among the greatest shows of all time. If you've missed anything, go get the DVDs and watch them. Anything else worth watching is up to you. I personally watch The Shield, South Park, The Office, and Entourage when they're on, though it seems that they're all past their prime; let's hope I'm wrong. I also enjoy Heroes, though it's not an easy show to recommend to anyone passing on the street, as is the fun & informative daily Attack of The Show on the G4 channel. I despise pretty much any reality TV and mostly hate sitcoms. I've heard Dexter and Weeds are good, but I haven't gotten around to them on DVD yet.

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