Saturday, September 15, 2007

Your move, Hollywood

This just in - Colin Farrell has taken the championship belt for Coolest Celebrity of the year. Others in the entertainment industry have until December 31st to try and top him.

OK to paraphrase the news story...
Four years ago, Colin was in Yorkville (which is somewhere near Toronto I'm guessing) filming a movie. A female radio DJ offered up $2000 to anyone who could bring Farrell to the studio. Farrell grabbed the nearest panhandler, a guy named Stress, took him up there, and gave him the money.

Fast forward to now, Farrell is back in Yorkville, exiting his hotel, and there's Stress, come to say hi. Farrell, psyched to see him, tells him to jump in his chauffeured Audi, and they zoom off to a clothes/travel store. Farrell pals around with Stress, buying him anything he wants - a $500 coat, a North Face sleeping bag, a backpack - totalling $2100, while also making time to give the store manager some tips for his upcoming trip to Ireland.

Oh but wait, there's more. He goes to the nearest bank machine and gets Stress a handful of $20's...
Then, they went and arranged for Colin to pay the rent on an apartment for Stress for a year. Total: over $10,000. Stress will repay him by restarting his life. Your move, Hollywood.

- original Toronto Sun article

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