Saturday, March 10, 2007

I love you, Ted Leo / I join Spin class

On his superb new album, Living With The Living (out 3/20), Ted Leo asks 'Who do you love?' Well, I love you, Ted Leo. Just in case anyone thought this was turning into a Hip-Hop blog, I had to return with some good old-fashioned politi-punk fire in the tradition of The Clash. Besides being one of the nicest public figures I've ever met, Ted Leo and his music produce a very rare, extremely high level of anticipation in me; maybe ten artists get this reaction - it's like I'm ALWAYS waiting for the next album, even if I know they're not in the studio. And where some artists might disappoint, Ted and his new album do not. LWTL is a sprawling, varied rock album, packed with literate lyrics, spat and crooned with vitriol, with his troubled mind tearing itself apart over the state of our country. It is now the front-runner for best album of 2007, and unless there is an avalanche of classics, it'll surely stay towards the top of the list.

And speaking of Ted, because of him I stumbled on to AOL's Spinner, their music blog which is actually pretty damn good. They skew towards hipsters to pull the Sterogum readers, but cover all music news, and since its AOL, they pull more choice content, like free downloads from Bright Eyes, live footage of TV on the Radio, or in-office interviews & performances of Ted Leo. Check it out...

- Spinner
- Ted Leo's hilarious interview + 3 tunes
- 3x3: some live shit
- free stuff!!

a little taste - "Who Do You Love?"

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