Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Heads Up: Michel Gondry's Be Kind, Rewind

My friends and I had a discussion today about the prospect of Michel Gondry's new movie, Be Kind, Rewind, being any good. I automatically say yes just because he made it, though that doesn't mean it will be great. It just means that because Gondry is probably the most visually original director of the last 15 years, his films get an initial pass straight to 'good', cuz you know at least they'll look good & be oddly interesting. They really have to stink to go down from there.

In case you don't know the plot, I'll try and summarize real quick: Jack Black & Mos Def are clerks at a VHS rental shop owned by Danny Glover. JB magnetizes all the tapes, thus erasing them, and instead of frantically trying to get new ones, Jables & Dante remake a bunch of movies with their camcorder & whatever's lying around. Unexpectedly, the neighborhood loves the home movies, and they become local heroes, or something like that.

There isn't a trailer out yet, but here's the bootleg kind, filmed at ComicCon. I think it looks hilarious. The Ghostbusters parody is supposedly really lovingly detailed. Release dates keep changing, but I'm hearing NY & LA around Christmas, with a wide release next year.

The couple pics that are floating around the nets...This is, of course, Driving Miss Daisy...

...and who ya gonna call?? Ghostbusters!!

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