Saturday, May 26, 2007

Coming Attraction: Knocked Up

While taking a break from writing, ya know, real posts for my neglected little site here, the YouTube gods saw fit to give us this hilarious outtake from Judd Apatow's upcoming Knocked Up. I wanted to see this movie, and then I think I got bored with waiting, and maybe got afraid that after the success of 40-Year Old Virgin (One of my favorite films of the last few years) the comedic team might soften their approach to keep the mainstream attention coming. But now after seeing this clip, I want to see it again.

Oh, and my other 2 reasons I want to see it are because (a) Alan Tudyk is in it, and (b) in the trailer, Seth Rogan is singing along to the Wu-Tang classic "Shame On A Nigga", and I want to see if he uses the N-word.

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