Monday, May 28, 2007

Coming Attractions: Control

Holy fuck. This gave me chills and made me cry...
and I don't even like Joy Division that much...

I was very worried about this movie, like what does Anton Corbijn know about making a feature film? Excellent Depeche Mode videos does not movie make. But, beyond being one of the greatest photographers of the last 50 years, he was there. These were his friends, right? I guess you just replay the events in your head with actors. Looks like he succeeded.

Iconic Corbijn:
- Joy Division: "Atmosphere"
- Depeche Mode: "Personal Jesus"
- U2: "One" [version 2]
- Nirvana: "Heart-Shaped Box"
- Rollins Band: "Liar"
- The Killers: "All The Things That I've Done"

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