Wednesday, May 2, 2007

My Return / LCDSS part 2

People are clamoring for my return. Who knew? I've been back for 10 days or so, and so you say why haven't I posted? Well, friends, because life is hectic, and also because I'm working on a massive installment of "Happy Accidents" that will cover my entire trip. Just typing out the list of the 500 or so songs from my iPod's "Recently Played" playlist took me 4 or 5 days worth of spare time. Also, I have a bunch of album and film reviews on deck. It's just a question of what to write first...

So to hold you over, I return to what I left you with - my LCD Soundsystem album review, and news while I was gone that my favorite track on said album, "All My Friends" is the new 2nd single. The video is excellent, starting with a minimal approach before dropping theatrical reveals on yo ass. And by the climax at the end, just the simple act of James Murphy standing up out of his chair will break your heart.

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